Physiotherapy care update

Over recent times we have all been required to make changes to what we considered our norm. We made the decision to cease face to face consultations and continue our treatment pathway through video platforms. This was a tough decision for everybody working in our profession but it was the best and only decision to be made.
We are re-introducing face to face consultations on a phased basis in line with the direction of the HSE, the ISCP and CORU. The manner in which the consultations occur has been altered to abide by current practising directives. We are directed to perform pre-screening prior to attending the clinic and we have updated treatment procedures we wish to advise you of.

If you require Physiotherapy treatment or rehabilitation please call 0877623138 or contact During the subsequent phone conversation pre-screening will be performed. Questions include “have you symptoms of Covid-19?”, have you been abroad in the previous 14 days?” After this screening a decision will be made in whether a face-to-face consultation is viable or not. If a decision is made for you to attend the clinic the subjective part of your examination will be performed over the phone to limit contact time while in the clinic.
Of note for those attending for on-site rehabilitation we have a large gym space that you will be using on your own with the direction on the treating Chartered Physiotherapist.

If you are attending the clinic please wait in your car until we call you for your appointment. There will be a strict 15 minute space between consultations to limit client contact and to sterilise the treatment space. Also please attend appointment on your own as only 1 person will be permitted in to the space at a time.
Please wear a face-mask when attending. Hand sanitiser is provided in the clinic and we ask you to continue to adhere to hand hygiene guidelines and cough etiquette while in the clinic.

We thank you for your cooperation with this new protocol.
Stay safe. 🇮🇪


Find our Covid-19 Screening Form here.

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