Rehab Bundles

Rehab plan

These 5-week rehabilitation blocks are designed by one of our CORU registered Chartered Physiotherapists following an initial consultation and assessment.

The initial consultation will focus on the area of reported problem, and we use a detailed assessment and the “Output Sports” objective measurement system to enable us to gauge the success of the intervention programme.

The cost of this five-week block is €240 and runs for 5 consecutive weeks.  The session is supervised and guided by one of our team enabling us to change and alter the programme if and where necessary over the 5-week period.  For those with health insurance your receipt will be issued after payment as Physiotherapy, and we ask that you check with your insurance company prior to payment to see if you are covered by your policy.  We cannot back date receipts. 

These 5 sessions are separate to Physiotherapy treatment and are non-transferrable.  The reduced rate is to enable increased adherence to and success with intervention and therefore commitment to the 5-week period is a prerequisite.  If treatment is required along with or outside the rehabilitation time this is a different booking and will require you to attend the treatment rooms at the regular rate of treatment of €60.

We are having great success and feedback with these rehabilitation blocks and to continue with this process we ask you to ensure that you read this information sheet and ask if you can commit to the 5 consecutive weeks required to complete the block.  We have changed the booking of the rehabilitation blocks to a complete booking of the 5 sessions prior to commencing week 1.

We look forward to working with you in our treatment facility!

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